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(History doesn't repeat itself, it has Tourette Syndrome) By Stephen Jay Morris 3/5/2022 ©Scientific Morality

Whenever I watch Joe Biden speak, my mind pictures President Dwight Eisenhower using Harry Truman rhetoric. I was too young to remember Eisenhower. But, I do remember seeing his image on a grainy black & white T.V screen. He always had a placid expression on his face. He was a soft spoken man who romanticized America. This bald commander in chief image stayed in my mind for all my life. It was reassuring figure that made you feel well protected. I get the same feeling with Biden. After President number 45 sounded like a bad actor playing a New York 1940’s mob boss or a car insurance man, Joe Biden is a relief to listen to. When Russia invaded the Ukraine State, it was like when Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939. When Russia bombed a Nuclear facility in the Ukraine, it was like atom bomb era in the late 50’s and early 60’s. We all saw the mushroom cloud in our mind that was play over and over again. Being 6 years old did not make me feel comfortable. Worried that my life would disappear in a flash of a second. Like the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, people thought there was going to be a Nuclear Holocaust. 
Russian President Putin is the new Hitler and everybody hates him. However, like WW2, there were Americans who supported Hitler. Groups like the Bund and The Silver Legion Of America. Other wise known as the Silver Shirts. The Silver Shirt wanted to cleanse Americans of Jews, Blacks, Mexicans and Communists and establish a Christian Common Wealth. It feels like those times again with groups Like the Proud Boys, the 3%, MAGA and The KKK. They all want what the Silver Shirts wanted back then, an Aryan Nation. 
As far as religion goes. It is the same old tired crap. The Evangelical sect is crying about the same old shit as back then. Men are becoming feminized. Certain music is corrupting our angelic white kids. The School system is run by communists. Communist are spreading drugs in our high schools. The Conservative Christians use to go to school board meeting in the 50’s, and accused the board members of being Communists. To disrupt the school board meeting by singing the national anthem. 
The flu of 1918, everybody wore a mask and it worked. In March of 20/20  Covid appeared and the same thing happened. However, a small fringe group from the Evangelical movement emerged calling themselves: Anti-Vaxxers. This conspiracy group in 1959 called “The John Birch Society” claim that communists were putting Fluoridation in our water supply. Today, this fringe group called: Q ANON, claims the Covid vaccine has micro chips in it and will make you a Woke Zombie. Today people who wear masks are intimated and mocked by right wing loud mouths. 
Yes, we now have technology that are superior than what we had back then. But we still have no solar powered flying cars. I can’t wait until an item I bought at a store delivers it on a drone to my front door.  Would you believe the right is trying to bring back the McCarthy era? After all dude! This started this Cancel Culture. Besides technology, there is noting new under the sun.


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