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All these decades and I have never heard or seen the conservatives so silent about Russia. You’d think they were centrists or even objective. I usually can figure them out. I think it be because of their infighting. The Republican civil war. The Democratic Party is no stranger to infighting. It’s the GOP turn. Should they fall to the religious right or the paleoconservatives or even the Alt. Right. How about to the Neo-Cons or The Corporate 1%. When it came to the Russian, they were feverishly Anti-Communist. Now that the Russian red state became a Nationalist government, they are reluctant to criticize Mother Russia. If Putin was still a member of the Soviet Communist Party, Conservatives would be in front of the Russian embassy burning Soviet Flags. I was always taught that Silence is complicity. Is this true in this case. If Putin was still red, they would be saying: Heck off Commie! However, since he is no longer one, He is getting respect from American conservatives. I heard one addressing him as Mr. Putin. What's up with this cringe? I wrote my feeling on my Blog. Click below.



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Fool wrote

Silence is Complicity!

Squeak, squeak!

(Are animal noises complicity?)



Sink3154 OP wrote

If you are a Fascist pig, yeah!


Fool wrote

Squeeeel! (Like a wild boar piglet, not a fascist pig)


Sink3154 OP wrote

Well thanks for that explanation! You didn't pass the audition for comedian.