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What's happening to them, what do they do, and how do they position themselves in the conflict?

How can we help them while being in another country?



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stagn wrote (edited )

In f/anarchism (the post after this) ther is a linka crimethInc and i found some information (i dont now because raddle dont let me post the link)


just1602 wrote

There this website that have been setup with some channels to get information about what's going on in Ukraine :

(There's also a l*nktree link being share around, but those links are banned on raddle,)

I think it may not sound super radical, but I think it's important to speak about what's going on. Spread the information from the people who live in Ukraine and are fighting against Russia, but also break the narrative that want us to choose which empire we want to support between Russia and the West.

Otherwise, I think we must prepare our own communities to make sure they're open and ready to welcome refugees that will come from this war.

Also, if we search a little bit, we'll probably be able to find some ukranian anarchist collectives / organizations we can support financially if you have the money. There's also organization in Russia like Anarchist Black Cross Moscow who are against the war and against the Russian state in general who are working to defend the political prisoners. I don't know how they're gonna deal with all the mass arrest that take place all across Russia in the last days, but they'll probably need some support too.


Sink3154 wrote (edited )

I will not write anything that will endanger their lives