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SnowCode wrote

What the hell is this lmao


__0 wrote

You can't call yourself an anarchist while not having any anarchistic qualities. National-anarchism is an oxymoron and a joke

Small ethnostate ≠ anarchist society

I really can't take it seriously, perhaps it's just a way for fascists to distance themselves from the history of fascism ...


_caspar_ wrote

for anyone interested, the topic was covered on the brilliant in 3 episodes. the third one is an interview with someone identifying as a national anarchist.

some questions that come to mind: is a shared ethnicity ever an appropriate place to start when building relations? when is ethnicity authentic, perceived, or does it matter? how separate is race from ethnicity? is ethnogenesis an antidote or reactionary mistake in response to ethnocide?


CosmicMessenger wrote

Same as what I think about anarcho-capitalism. It's an oxymoron


moonlune wrote

It's worse. At least we can pretend a certain amount of ancaps are missguided mutualists.