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It was 1971 in my math class in high school. I was having a conversation with a self-described fascist. That right, a follower of Mussolini. He was reading a book titled, the economics of fascism. We talk about all types of political systems. He mentioned that there are some people who are opposed to government. They are called Anarchists. After class, I went to the school library to study the subject. The first book I read about the subject was titled: The Black Flag of Anarchy: Then my journey began. At the time I was a Maoist then I became a Yippie!
I study the subject deeper and deeper. I became familiar with all the theoreticians from Emma Goldman to Abbie Hoffman. Then in 1999, the Battle of Seattle happened. I saw something I never thought I would see, Anarchists got news coverage. I am 67 years now and I don't know the future of Anarchism is. Check out my Blog. I got lot of articles there



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SnowCode wrote

That's really cool! Welcome to raddle :) I'll read some of your stuff on your blog, that sounds very interesting.


Sink3154 OP wrote

There will be more articles in the future


fortmis wrote

libraries!!! the first and forever google!!!!