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Tequila_Wolf wrote

This is fun!
Also a pretty good kind of propaganda?
I might make one that's more appropriate for where I live and post it on some boards here :)


alqm wrote (edited )

Good idea. I'll translate it to my native language and stick it in some places. I can't believe I never thought about this.

EDIT: how about adding some way for whoever is interested to contact me without giving my identity away? Maybe enter a secure group chat of some sort? It would be twice as useful if I could use it to find friends.


FemIncel wrote

Haha that's great! Gotta post this sort of thing to the boards at my Uni, fash will have a meltdown :p


ziq wrote

Anyone want to make some good anticap prop that includes a plug?

Now that google is blacklisting leftist sites we need to reach out in old fashioned ways like printing out infographics and pasting them around uni campuses.


DissidentRage wrote

Are we supposed to send these to Soros directly or to the Official Antifa Protestor Jobs Board?


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

This posting is for the HS Manager to review. Once you have the job, contact the assistant of the President of Antifa to recieve your $orosBuxx.


disfalo wrote

I'll post it on some places with a pinboard, it looks like a great position.