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kinshavo wrote

I think most people are against vaccines for the wrong reasons and this reflect on the perception about mandates and other coercion done by the State.

I am critical of the thought that unvaccinated people are a danger, bc they help spread the disease and all. This is a conflicting idea personally I don't wanna be the chump damaging the most vulnerable people in the community.

Anarchists against mask wearing is cringe. ("But the mask is not a mask, it's a dog muzzle")

Anarchists should simply be against the State no matter what. The personal responsibility is individual (a huge '?' for the "collective responsibility" here)

But you probably don't want me to go too complicated on this ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anti Intellectuallism and Anti Science is a trublesome trait of some radical (anarchist) Antivaxx Discourse. IMHO Anarchy need to overcome some liberal heritage from the left


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CosmicMessenger wrote

I'd recommend you speak to a health professional (maybe your family doctor) about the benefits and risks associated with getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Perhaps they can clarify any questions you have. This site is good to find anti-state discourse, but not the best source for medical advice.


fortmis wrote

I think that I'm at the point where i only wear a mask for the benefit of others. I'm not worried about getting covid. I've done and am doing what I think will protect me against the worst of it. Wearing a mask is annoying for an 8 hour shift, but not catastrophic.

As for the issue of collective responsibility, I think it's a shame that that conversation has been swamped with vaccine talk. Whether you take a vaccine or not is your call. You wanna talk collective responsibility? How about that air pollution? that's pretty collective if you ask me.... can't really keep that air shit to yourself. It's communal as f.

(in 2019, Wuhan had some of the worst air pollution in China)