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flingwingin wrote

This is the shit. At least it has solid as fuck analysis of political things and strategy and cultural things too some.

Please everyone read this.

We need our own economies. We need to network, find each other, defend each other, and support each other. And when we're winning/gaining traction, shit will look worse than ever before, cause the facade of peace that is in effect in most places and times (and in the spectacle) right now is conditioned on our already being beat down and flat on our backs. When we start fighting back they start fighting back, and when they lose legitimacy then they'll bring out even more horrible tactics and ideologies to try to scramble back to power, and it'll be ugly as fuck.

We need care and knowledge, where the norm is alienation from each other. BTW coincidentally, cults often allow only hierarchical connections and bonds between members, making it so that they all relate to authority but aren't allowed or are subtly kept from intimate and friendly contact with each other as equals. Discussion is stifled, caring, networks outside of the hierarchical one, etc. cease. This is how our world is right now.

Read this zine it's cool