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Styx wrote

Oh look! A commie throwing a hissy fit because not everyone's on board with the totally non-bourgeois proletarian revolution. How original!

Would pay good money to see them being told to fuck off by their own, beloved, factory workers.


subrosa wrote

The call to transform everyday is a call to smash the current exploitative system, to participate in the class struggle, an ongoing historical conflict between the proletariat and the ruling class. Crimethinc substitute this class struggle with a teenage individualistic rebellion based on having fun now.

Hell yeah. CrimethInc was exciting, and precisely what I needed after wasting my time with "serious revolutionaries".


SnowCode OP wrote

I really don't understand their point. To me, post-left is really just praxis based on anarchism. Maybe the confusion comes from the fact "post-left anarchy " is more a philosophy or a praxis than an ideology.


existential1 wrote

I wasnt going to read until I saw the comments. So glad I opened this. Very nice friday night reading.


Archaplain wrote

lmao i was just about to post this. Theres so much seethe in it.


nulloperation wrote

useless activist/punk sub-cultural activity like food not bombs, squatting, etc.

So much hate against vegans, dumpster-divers, squatters, anti-war-activists, punks, anti-work drop-outs —

The world can’t wait while serious revolutionaries are side-tracked by poor ideas and poorer tactics.

If there's no place for any of the above in this SERIOUS REVOLUTION, what is it for then? Work camps and tank factories?


SnowCode OP wrote (edited )

From what I understand they want unions and stuff like that and say that post-left stuff are too individualist and too small for creating any meaningful change or smth like that.

They also think it's hypocritical to want to be homeless when most homeless people are trying to get out of their situation.


MHC wrote

I was with commies. Then they got all hierarchical! Kicked me out.