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Styx wrote (edited )

By 'lib' you mean libertarians (as opposed to liberals)? And if so, you mean unity with the yank 'don't thread on my 2nd amendment/consensual slavery/consent is oppression' type of libertarians?? YUCK!


potatoes wrote

Are you opposed to people being allowed to own firearms? What about weapons of any sort?


Styx wrote

Nope, you can own whatever you want. My issue is with the people who label themselves as 'libertarians' and then yap about their 'cOnStItUtIOnAl rIgHts.'


SnowCode OP wrote

Just that I found that some actions happen to be liked by both anarcho-capitalists and anarchists. Like open-source stuff and agorism for instance.


Styx wrote

Well both fascists and anarchists are not fond of the political establishment, but that's hardly enough common ground for uniting.

Personally, I find this whole 'unite' discourse tiring. Maybe the point isn't finding what we have in common, but just letting each other do their own thing.