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Milan: SKP group vehicles burned between 27-28 October

Anti-piracy service, escort to VIPs, installation of surveillance devices, consultancy activities on security matters, etc. This is the prestigious curriculum, directly available on their website, of the private security company SKP group.

It is one of those private companies that have now risen to the role of a real police and paramilitary body, able to support the traditional armed forces. Highly qualified personnel, militarily trained and technically equipped is the guarantee of the services and skills that this company offers to the powerful.

For all these reasons, a couple of SKP vehicles were set on fire in the night between 27 and 28 October. Probably accustomed to working undisturbed, they usually left their cars unattended in front of the headquarters, located in via Ripamonti in Milan. A mistake they paid dearly for.

The time of chatter and hesitation must end.

Take action to raise your head

Act to relaunch the anarchist offensive

Without respite

The guerrilla does not stop

Machine-assisted translation of the original Italian-language communique that appeared here:



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