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cretin OP wrote (edited )

machine-assisted translation:

Received by Contra-Info website on 10/18/2021

Santiago, Chile: Responsibility Claim for the Explosive Attack against the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies (ANEPE)

Two years after the October Revolt, nothing is settled Let our practices strengthen and lead to a new urban guerrilla Because ending impunity for murderers, mutilators and torturers will be our victory

On the night of October 17, we installed an explosive device inside the headquarters of the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies (ANEPE), on the eve of a new commemoration of the October revolt.

This succucho collaborator in matters of State security and maintenance of public order carries out permanent academic activities directed at police elements, in terms of intelligence, investigative strategies and counterinsurgencies. It is a repressive body dependent on the Ministry of Defense, which also shares knowledge internationally with States such as Spain, Colombia, Israel, etc.

Different academics from this den of Power have written about anarchic practices and tendencies, trying to analyze our ideas, dynamics and proposals, with texts of alleged studies about international projects (Black International / FAI-FRI) or the current panorama of our surroundings.

Héctor Barros, a shift official at the South Prosecutor's Office, conducted intelligence and investigation courses at ANEPE, as did Gonzalo Blu, who was in charge of DIPOLCAR at the time of the so-called Operation Hurricane, showing that this site is only intended for to the improvement of the police, judges and prosecutors, and not of "all Chileans" as they claim from this center.

Today marks two years since that October 18 that lit the fuse in this powder keg; fire and destruction erupted from the streets and our eyes saw the expansion of the Social War on the horizon. Our energies and perspectives are in sharpening the actions that promote the new urban guerrilla to combat the impunity of those who murdered, blinded and tortured during those dates.

Regarding the usual conspiracies, the discourse of the montage has spread quite a bit, either due to propaganda practices due to the fact or the fires that at the time affected subway stations. Even anarchists, and sectors with a history of combat, came to spread these annihilating speeches of destructive capacities and elevating a victimist status. We call to continue trusting in our sufficiencies and knowledge so that social peace is not the spoils of the Powerful and that our lives are not dominated under the false illusion of an "oasis".

Almost a week after the Chilean State has decreed the militarization of the Wallmapu, we sympathize with the Mapuche resistance and salute their actions of sabotage and harassment.

Revolutionary Solidarity with Anarchist, Subversive, Mapuche and Revolt Prisoners

14 years after the persecution against Juan and Marcelo began

Because there is a whole world to destroy, to multiply autonomous action

We remember comrades Mauricio Morales, Sebastian Oversluij, Claudia Lopez and all those who have died in action

Cristián Valdebenito Autonomous Fraction (*)

(*) He was assassinated on March 6 in Plaza Dignidad during clashes with the police after being hit by a tear gas canister on his head. He constantly attended the demonstrations and contributed to the attack against the henchmen of Power. We recognize him as a brother and partner in street battles during the October revolt.