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grj456 wrote

Not sure why this is being downvoted, this is a good piece. Since when are we against self determination?


bloodrose wrote

What does democracy have to do with self determination? That seems like group determination, no?


JoeK OP wrote

Since these tree fascists decided to force themselves into the anarchist conversation.


Garbear104 wrote

You arent anarchist. You are a pissed off liberal upset because you and pals aren't in charge. You get no sympathy from actual anarchists you dog


cretin wrote

wow so anybody who doesn't agree with a crap analysis presented in a c4ss article is automatically a 'tree fascist' ?


cretin wrote

PS: 'radical democracy' - why stop there, you may as well go full-blown 'radical capitalism' haha


JoeK OP wrote

No just the primmies here who don't believe in anarchist values. So about 99% of you.