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cretin OP wrote

not sure if you are being sarcastic or what :-D but it would seem it is - there is now something called Дружины Народной Самообороны - ДНС / People's Defence Squads - CSN who are active in Belarus, they seem to be attacking police cars, sabotaging freight trains, hacking state infrastructure, and now using modified drones to carry out attacks, they seem to communicate news via this telegram channel: https://t DOT me/s/dns_main

*Note, had to edit telegram URL because the spam filter doesn't like it, but should be easy enough to figure out


Kinshavo wrote

or what :-D

This option, sorry didn't mean to sound disrespectful🤡. I really thought that this is a great example of using technology to carry out this action.

I love all the news you bring, keep it coming ;)


cretin OP wrote

No, didn't seem disrespectful at all, was just a little confused :-)