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Catsforfun wrote

paypal is like that. dont do transactions thru them if you are left or subversive or sw business/ nonprofit


existential1 OP wrote

For the future, what are some decent "normie-trusted" providers that dont behave like paypal?


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

Tbh all that I have looked into all have random rules for kicking people out randomly. When your small they don't pay much attention but once you get to a certain size it just becomes very difficult to get paid with these online transactions. It's kinda like trying to find a vpn which won't send your logs to USA if they ask.

The only one which I wouldn't be concerned about having source of income removed one day randomly would be crypto which has its own issues.

Oh there is always cash in mail which also has many other issues tho being dropped randomly isn't one.


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

Also Monero?

These took me about 15 minutes overall to find with a web search. I don't understand how some anarchists in the US haven't yet honestly found alternatives to the PayWal, in 2021.

Very dubious at best.