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Well, whatever the vote? It’s clear that in the Russian “elections” the only interesting thing is not the electoral act itself, but the possibility of a riot, around which passions are now boiling ... After all, what could be worse than “mass riots”? Only Putin's endless order. When healthy and eternal.

The security forces uncovered the Telegram conspiracy. As usual, in a chat where they allegedly tried to organize an unauthorized street protest. The main name of the case, Dmitry Chebanov, called to take to the streets on September 18. Dmitry has already shown himself to be an active participant in the protest movement.

As a result, several people were arrested and shoved into jail and house arrests.

The emergence of groups working to escalate the protest is natural. In Russia, all legal ways of fighting are closed. There are many who are dissatisfied with Putin's tyranny. Especially among young people - not yet milked by hypocrisy, fear and brainwashing. These groups exist, and new ones will appear. There is also a chance of success.

But we appeal to you, comrades, literally with a prayer. It doesn't matter whether it is a public appeal or a secret conspiracy. Observe anonymity measures and safety precautions: TOR, VPN, SIM cards purchased without a passport or with false data, no real information in your account, clearly separate telegram accounts for personal communication and political struggle. Principle: do not be afraid, but also do not substitute. And may the force be with us.

For each of their blows, the answer is one: ORGANIZE , ORGANIZE , AGAIN Organize!



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