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subrosa OP wrote

Yeah, I guess so. It's about abandoning arche, the ship of state, any dictatorship really. Whether the captain is the patriarch of the nuclear family-boat, or the embodied or symbolic "will of the people" of the unsinkable and truly titanic state.

Just for fun, to spin this metaphor a little further: politics is about who gets to have their hands on the steering wheel, about how the ship is directed. Some crew-members want to go left, others want to go right, some call for mutiny or "having a say", and they all believe in conserving the vessel, its economic order, and in moving the whole thing for progress.

Close to the breaking point of the metaphor, we might have a look at piracy, or at those who pride themselves in organizing the construction of massive counter-ships that they hope can compete one day. Those of us in the lower compartments know too well what it's like to drop below surface, to be pushed down, to be drowning. The anarchists dream of having a good swim in the horizontal, unbordered and everchanging "waters". It can be liberating to help each other stay afloat, we don't need to be contained.

A bilge-rat, I prepare their shipwreck; that shipwreck alone can put an end to my troubles and to those of my fellows.


Gwen_Isilith wrote

I forget the specific text but I believe it's from John Moore where he discusses anarchic mysticism in terms of the authoritarian God, the revolutionary authority Satan, That to be consumed Nature, and the primordial extra of anarchy (different language is used I believe). Pretty much anarchy is the thing that exists both outside of those who currently run the ship and those pirates who would seek to make the ship their own as you've stated.