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Exlurker wrote

Magical thinking will always beat logic.

I think the label 'anarchism' is unsalvagable and 'anticiv' works a lot better.


capitan wrote (edited )

Are you even an organizer?

Well, are ya, ziq? Just organize the pools and fountains in Vegas away. Organize the armed farmers in the desert to stop growing alfalfa.

In all seriousness, there is a constant incentive to take water as early as possible from the river. Only an interstate compact and international agreement have let the water get as far as Los Angeles. But the delta clams, totoaba, and the now extinct vaquita never had a seat at that table, nor would they in any hypothetical democracy. So that river delta will remain dry for many years to come. Unless maybe totoaba fishermen demand more water to reach the gulf of california. Too bad there is a wall/fence keeping them penned in.


CaptainACAB wrote

Direct Democracy is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. Or something, I dunno.

Maybe becoming an organizer gives you the power to twist reality to your whim or grants you some mythical insight that us mere mortals can't grasp.

I might be an individualist, but I don't think the problem with organization is that the "wrong" people are in charge.


mofongo wrote

The final arcane art has been found. Direct democracy can now seat besides its sisters: elemental magic and chaos Magick.


existential1 wrote

I believe the phrase is, "direct democracy gets the goods."


capitan wrote

Sure. The users/uses of the water are easy targets. Golf courses, alfalfa fields, fountain and pool pumps. You can rack up a lot of property damage in a short amount of time, so watch out for felony thresholds.

Actual water transport infrastructure is more direct, but also more closely guarded. Dams and aqueducts could theoretically be sabatoged. I've not thought much about it.


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

I don't get it.

How can you be, like, into direct democracy while also being nihilist? This sounds to me almost like a contradiction... or maybe "nihilist" is just this designation you can use in every sauce, but also doesn't add any properties or nutriments whatsoever, other than some edgy taste.


Gwen_Isilith wrote

Perhaps inhabit could be seen as the entryist position for post civ anarchy but I'm thinking more the text ""Take what you need and compost the rest" which has largely led to the coptation of anti-civ rhetoric to advocate using civilization. Largely its the idea that without capitalism civilized industry is somehow redeemable if scaled down.