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capitan wrote (edited )

Are you even an organizer?

Well, are ya, ziq? Just organize the pools and fountains in Vegas away. Organize the armed farmers in the desert to stop growing alfalfa.

In all seriousness, there is a constant incentive to take water as early as possible from the river. Only an interstate compact and international agreement have let the water get as far as Los Angeles. But the delta clams, totoaba, and the now extinct vaquita never had a seat at that table, nor would they in any hypothetical democracy. So that river delta will remain dry for many years to come. Unless maybe totoaba fishermen demand more water to reach the gulf of california. Too bad there is a wall/fence keeping them penned in.


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capitan wrote

Sure. The users/uses of the water are easy targets. Golf courses, alfalfa fields, fountain and pool pumps. You can rack up a lot of property damage in a short amount of time, so watch out for felony thresholds.

Actual water transport infrastructure is more direct, but also more closely guarded. Dams and aqueducts could theoretically be sabatoged. I've not thought much about it.