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AnarchoDoom wrote

Vaccines aren't good or bad in themselves. That depends on what's in it, what they do (something that can really be know through extensive testing) and their level of urgency.

In the case of Covid, a virus that ain't anywhere near as deadly as, say, the Polio or Ebola, their urgency to treat such a vast portion of the population within months following early testing, is way problematic.


zoom_zip wrote

4,429,426 deaths so far. many of which were preventable? what does that number have to be for that to become the thing that is problematic to you?


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

In 2017...

  • 17,79M died globally of cardiovascular diseases, like the ischemic heart disease...

  • 9,56M from cancer

With better health conditions, these deaths would have been prevented. Even if humans gotta eventually die of something.

So back to Covid... out of the 209,876,613 confirmed cases globally, 4,400,284 deaths (as of August 20th) means 2.1% overall death rate. That's the figure I always guessed. Or deaths being 47.7 times smaller than the number of confirmed cases.

But that's just the case-fatality ratio. The number of confirmed cases is significant, out of 7,8 B people... Death rate, tho, out of the entire world population, has been 0.056%. As it's been said about the virus by scientific authorities from the start, the virus is a lot more contagious than it is deadly.

many of which were preventable

That's a matter entirely decided through crisis (mis-)management.

Like the governments of most countries totally failed to shutdown the international airports, for months, as the virus was spreading worldwide. Or few governments imposed actual quarantines, that were consistent with the imperative of stopping the spread of the virus. Most of what we had was a bunch of bullshit lockdowns where the WalMarts were still operating at full capacity and without masks.

On the other hand I've heard and seen many instances of Covid spreading like a wildfire in nursery homes where the residents got infected by Covid cases moved in those places due to "being overwhelmed" hospitals. Ergo, the fatality and contagion of this virus has been vastly amplified by mismanagement from several state authorities.


zoom_zip wrote (edited )

ohhhh. so the solution was state control and border authority! 🤦‍♀️

why didn’t i think of that

if the world governments were better authoritarian overlords then all those people would still be alive.


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

so the solution was state control and border authority!

Yeaaaah no. Borders have been shutdown anyways and they still are in many places.

But unless you found a way to block the airports and cause a massive systemic shutdown... something the radicals have been pretty ineffective at, despite all their badass fronting about "blocking/shutting down the empire", governments got the upper hand on these matters by design.

Governments can do some of this stuff legally (as far as their constitutions and judicial bodies allow), and if quarantines were implemented with CLEAR set timelines -with a beginning and end- this wouldn't have been nearly as "problematic" as fucking up with people's daily lives for almost two years by now.

And the plus side would be a significant stopping of the spread, and yes, saving lives. Like, say, in NZ.


ILLA_Europe wrote

I don't see how you can be a leftist while casting doubt on the science of vaccines. An understanding of science should be a prerequisite of joining leftism.


AnarchoDoom wrote

joining leftism.

Haha... WAT

Two worlds that are repulsive to me. Especially the first one.