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cretin OP wrote

The attack is claimed by the Insurgent Violence Cell / Direct Action Cells. No date or precise location is given for the attack other than the Athens suburb of Psychiko. However all previous DAC attacks have been confirmed as having occurred so there seems to be no reason to doubt the veracity of this attack.

Excerpt from communique:

"The arson attack outside his house in the area of ​​Psychiko is dedicated to those whom Giannis Pretenteris has insulted, slandered, humiliated and deported all these years. It is also dedicated to all the political prisoners whom this bastard has slandered a few times. Finally, it is a call to all fighting forces. Our enemy is not invisible. It has a name and an address.

Comradely greetings to all groups, individuals and cells who choose to contribute to the formation of the network of revolutionary violence that we have described through our texts. We have said it and we are doing it, we are organizing Direct Action Cells to strike state and capital. From Athens, Volos, Thessaloniki, the smoke from the fires foretells the unrest we will cause. With the language of fire we will respond to blackmail and state terrorism."