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cretin OP wrote

No dates are given for the dates / time of the attacks, nor specific locations other than the 2 stores being in the southeastern Athens district of Vyronas.

Excerpts from the communique:

"In a time of global capitalist and health crisis, the government has created a bleak environment of insecurity and fear. She tried to abdicate her criminal responsibilities, like all previous governments, for dismantling the public health system, leaving them to the "individual responsibility" of each and every one.

But really, who is responsible for the thousands of dead in the pandemic? Who is responsible for the non-existent protection measures in the workplace? When were measures taken or large industries closed? Who is responsible for stacking the poor on public transport? Who is responsible for the fact that the private ICU beds were not ordered, at the same time that our fellow human beings were dying on trolleys in the corridors of the hospitals? Who has been served by the government's policy of opening borders to tourists, if not the tourist lobbies? Who is responsible for the sharp rise in drugs and psychotropic drugs, as well as domestic violence during the lockdown period? What politics is sinking more and more people into dependencies, unable to cope with the daily deadlocks of capitalist everyday life? Who wants people oppressed, inactivated and alienated, without collective resistance?"

"The "growth" evangelized daily by the EU-BSE-Government means poor workers, flexible working relationships, fully adapted to the appetites of employers, workers without union rights. This creates an environment where obviously capital will reap greater value from labor, while at the same time paving the way for investments with low labor costs and tax breaks for capital, thus an attractive landscape for investment. This process serves both the local bosses and European and international monopolies."

"Flexiblw working conditions, the intensification of labor, in combination with the lean measures taken by employers, lead to the murder of workers. Hundreds of workers, whether working in the motorcycle sector (courier, delivery), or in construction, or in construction projects in the public or private sector, have been killed during working hours."

"Let us not get used to death in the workplace, let us not forget the deths and the dead of our class, let us take revenge on all those who were murdered by its capital and state. Against the gloomy condition that is taking shape, let us resist with all our might the capitalist restructuring and the intensifying attack we are receiving, as a class and as a movement."