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cretin OP wrote


Early in the morning of Sunday 18/7, we attacked, placing an incendiary device on the transformers of the power substation of AGET, which is located inside the factory. We proceeded with this action, thus paying tribute to our comrade Vasileios Mangos, exactly one year after his death. We do not forget and we are not going to forgive the moral perpetrators of his beating and torture. The AGET factory is a wound for the city of Volos, condensing the attitude of the authoritarian institutions towards the environment and the society of Volos. These are the moral perpetrators of last year's events that led to the death of our comrade, and this will not be forgotten until we see the ashes and the ruins of the factory. In this context, we offer several liters of gasoline and many flames to those who daily spread cancer through the whole city. The system hid the action because it feels and is vulnerable, confirming to us that fear has begun to change camp. It is everyone's business to take life into our own hands on militant terms.

Tears for Vassilis will become their nightmares.

And let us never win we will always fight!

"Vassilios Mangos" Direct Action Cell