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cretin OP wrote

Anarchist Action Organization, a DAC (Direct Action Cells) cell from Thessaloniki have released the names of 21 cops from Thessaloniki who they allege are involved in incidents of " torture and abuse, rape and concealment of incidents of sexual violence"...apparently this is in response to a list that was released by "parastatal journalists working for the interests of the police" that contained the names of 21 male and female comrades who police suspect are involved in attacks targetting the police.

"Retaliation for any police arbitrariness is a matter for all of us. Now each of them individually can feel what it is like to be afraid to go home alone. Count the steps with your breath. Now each of them individually can be faced with their share of responsibility. A minute's silence for every victim of police violence, before the explosion of the devices in the houses of the uniformed murderers.

When we say we are at war, we mean it.

We respond to violence with violence. The head hunt has begun ..."