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cretin OP wrote

excerpt from communique:

"We immediately call on all the people who are suffocating with the exploitation, pain and discipline of the violent capitalist present to organize together, to build comradeship, to raise a war front against any ruler who wants us with our hands tied and our heads bowed. Create Direct Action Cells. In the windless wilderness and the endless descent of our alienated age, let us take a deep breath, let us intensify our anarchist struggle. With the humility and consistency that befits people who fight for life, dignity and freedom."

The attacks claimed all took place in June 2021, but no specific dates are mentioned. The claim of responsibility / communique is signed by the Mauricio Morales Cell of the Direct Action Cells. Incendiary devices were used in all the attacks claimed, presumably the same gas cylinder incendiary devices used in previous Direct Action Cells actions that are often used by Greek anarchists. The targets were as follows:

  1. The home of high-ranking police officer Charalambos Kalogiros in the west Athens suburb of IIon. Kalogiros is Brigadier General of the Hellenic Police. According to the Direct Action Cells, Charalambos Kalogiros, "is currently at the forefront of anti-insurgency strategies implemented to criminalize, depoliticize, to control and suppress anti-capitalist and anti-revolutionary revolutionary actions."

  2. Two vans of the company ACS in the central Athens suburb of Kypseli. According to Direct Action Cells: "ACS is a courier company, a subsidiary of the Quest group, with Theodore Fessas as president, who is also president of SEV. As a structural pillar of domestic capitalist exploitation, it has seen its profits rise sharply in recent years, especially during the period of pandemics and mass quarantine. Poorly paid and precarious work, the "galley" conditions in its stores, the complete lack of hygiene measures in terms of protection against Covid-19 disease, the intensified hours and the unbearable pressure that rapidly increased the risks for accidents at work, all these are a minimal taste of the make-up of this company."

  3. An INTRACOM company vehicle in the eastern Athens suburb of Zografou. According to Direct Action Cells: "With domestic founder and main shareholder of the INTRACOM group, the big businessman Socrates Kokkalis, this multinational contractor holding company specializes worldwide in the fields of high-tech information technology, complex construction projects and advanced defense electronic systems. Its profits amount to hundreds of millions of euros per year. It is located in the bastion of advanced surveillance, control and repression technologies , the provision of specialized military equipment,as well as the looting of the natural world and the bleeding of local communities."

Some more excerpts from the communique:

"We believe that at this juncture we must first and foremost "get our hands dirty" and make violent moves. We must strengthen our lines of defense by building war experience in the example of asymmetric attack. We must catch the thread of the revolutionary forms of struggle but also the inherited insight, intelligence, passion and courage of the hundreds of fighters who watered the history and the struggles with their blood. We must transform this thread into a material historical movement towards the violent questioning of bourgeois culture and its institutions, cultivating today a culture of rupture and rebellion, a practical and experiential perception."

"We wholeheartedly send our solidarity to the anarchist and subversive comrades in the Chilean prisons, and to the anarchist comrade Natascia Savio in the Italian prisons where she is on hunger strike.

A fiery signal of international solidarity to the anarchist comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, to Gabriel Pombo da Silva, to all the incarcerated comrades in Italian prisons, to the prisoners of war everywhere.

Strength and unconditional solidarity with the political prisoners of the Greek prisons."