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a_zed_9 OP wrote

Reply to comment by ziq in Thoughts on AJODA #19? by a_zed_9

Well that's dumb, didn't realize off site activity was bannable. But if ghats the case i don't understand why you havent done so already since I can already guess your response to some of the comments I've made on the IRC will be.

I'm willing to abide by the ToS here but if your gonna try and police my whole existence then it's not worth it to not be banned.


ziq wrote

I only look at that irc when someone uses my name so I have no idea what you've said on there outside of saying I'm 'anal' about pedos.

It's not 'dumb' to prevent pedos from appropriating anarchy to promote pedoing. So are you a pedo or not? Because I just tried to read that semen thing and it bored me to tears so I had to stop. Still no idea what it's about.


ziq admin wrote

Just got confirmation from someone who read it that a_zed_9'a a proud pedo. Banned.