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a_zed_9 OP wrote

Reply to comment by haulonthebowline in Thoughts on AJODA #19? by a_zed_9

But is there, really? How many people are you talking about? Ten? Fifteen?

Personally I only know maybe 50?

You mean one short essay here. Stop pretending that there are books and books full of this stuff.

Well there's also his essay "to be done with the economy of love". As well other texts on the subject in the Milue, such as this AJODA issue, or Girl Love which is promoted inside it, or NAMBLA which is both a communist org and has ties to Hakim Bey, as well as Gilles Duaves piece from the (I believe) left communist milue. So my point is just this is not some isolated thing. Plenty of people on the left and post-left make these same points about child sexuality.

Even the Heresy Distro person said that the text was lost until they published it a few years back. If he is influential in this shadowy group of Twitter anarchist pedophiles that you keep referring to (that no one else has ever heard of btw) it has only been so very recently.

I've only know these people for a little less then a year so I'm unsure how recently theve found tgese texts but it does not change that this viewpoint has existed for at least 30 years.