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haulonthebowline wrote

Reply to comment by a_zed_9 in Thoughts on AJODA #19? by a_zed_9

I say that these authors advocate pedophilia because the arguments they put forth are considered pedophilia by most people

Okay, but you are naming people who never made that kind of argument. They either published a booklet that included similar arguments (as well as opposing arguments) or edited the magazine that the arguments and for some reason you think that puts them on team pro-pedophile.

But do you think that not having sex or erotic play with people due to them having different abilities could come off as ableist?

Possibly. I thought twice about using that word but it accurately describes my thinking. I would never date or whatever someone who, for example, had a profound learning difficulty. I was thinking of a video I saw by a lefttube person about a neo-Nazi who is engaged to a 19-year-old whose learning difficulties mean she is childlike. The video is here:

As you can see, this is not the same as 'choosing not to date trans women by straight men reinforces transphobia.'