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a_zed_9 OP wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by tabby in Thoughts on AJODA #19? by a_zed_9

Wolfi suggests that there's ways to "share erotic pleasure" with children that don't harm or violate them. This is bullshit. How many adults who were sexually abused as children do you know speak positively about their experiences and weren't traumatized by them?

None of them I know would use the term "Sexual Abuse" to describe their experiences but probably about a dozen including myself.

Edit: this number is just the amount I personally know and does not count texts that recall these sorts of experiences which would increase the number a lot.

Yes, institutions including schools, churches, the nuclear family, etc. repress children, and sexual repression (specifically the repression of age-appropriate sexual behavior, i.e. masturbation) is certainly a part of that repression, but that in no way necessitates or justifies adults sexually abusing children.

How does one dictate what is "age appropriate" without these institutions?

As far as Wolfi's and other individualists/post-leftists/egoists' larger project of rejecting morality: unlike others, I don't think defending child sexual abuse (or rape, murder, assault, etc.) is a bug of individualist/post-leftist/egoist anarchism but a feature and has turned me off of it. I'm all for questioning society's morals and rejecting ones that I know aren't right, but I wouldn't want to live in a community with no guiding morality.

That's definitely understandable. I feel most people would not want to live in a world without morals. Personally I do oppose morals though since it does limit autonomy, and I "value" that more then things like "safety" or "justice" which cam only be attained through morality.