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celebratedrecluse wrote

Reply to comment by a_zed_9 in Thoughts on AJODA #19? by a_zed_9

I've never really made a connection between anti-identity and white men

Reactionary talking points are impossibl to read or hear without coming across this connection. Surely you must have been aware of it to some degree?


a_zed_9 OP wrote

I consider myself anti identity and many of my friends hold similar positions, I just don't know any white men who hold this position.


celebratedrecluse wrote

chapo trap house

although you could critique their working class politics as some form of identity politics, this is by far the biggest influence in english language critical to identity politics without reflexively bowing to hegemonic propaganda

also dominated by white men


a_zed_9 OP wrote

Ah okay, yeah I'm completely unfamiliar with them. But yes I would consider working class politics as identity politics.