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cretin OP wrote (edited )


  1. June 16 incendiary attack on the Agia Sofia Metro construction site;
  2. June 16 incendiary attack on the offices of the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization;
  3. June 28 gas cannister detonated outside offices of Greek public power utility, HEDNO

All the attacks were carried out using gas canister incendiary bombs.

Excerpt from communique:

"Our daily lives are drenched in blood. Dead construction worker, dead supermarket worker. Occupational accident at a PPC substation, in scams of multinationals. And the proletarian base, a spectator in its doom and with tears in its eyes, bows its head resigned from life. Our responsibility is drowning more and more day by day. For all those whose names will not be recorded in history, for all those whose lives were sacrificed for the great interests, for the great overcoming of the crisis of neoliberalism. For all of them we are still here to fight every day. Not to be forgotten. So that their loss is not a simple statistic and numbers in analyst lists. For all of them we are here to give our daily battles, with our small forces. These losses on the battlefield of the class war do not bring more tears but are a cry for new hostilities. Every dead worker is a bullet in the chamber of class revenge."