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NGL not on board with the whole "taxation is theft" capitalist bullshit.

No, anarchists don't support being taxed by the state.

Taxation without representation?

No, anarchists don't support paying for 'representation' within a state or believing that we even receive representation.

If you really need me to lecture you on how anarchism isn't "no government lol" you shouldn't be making comments like this


That is another thing that irks me along certain leftists (mostly anarchist tbh) circles. People don't understand the difference between government (i.e. a system of governance), a government (an institution/collection of those), and a (nation) state (a more specific type of the previous).

No, anarchists don't support government. Wtf reddit.

am honestly terrified by people who call themselves anarchists (mostly 'an'caps, but not only) yet claim that taxes are theft, because that tells me that if we ever get rid of capitalism, they'd be happy to leave people like me to die rather than be 'stolen' from (aka: contribute their fair share to the greater good). The whole 'taxes are theft' is a massive red flag.

Saying this here so I don't get kneejerk banned for ableism there.

You being disabled doesn't justify maintaining and proliferating the state form. People look after people. States kill people. You're putting your faith in the state to maintain your life and making clear you don't trust people to.

This person has been doing this all year, getting mass upvoted after saying we need x authority to protect disabled people. I get that they need to stay safe, but there's nothing safe about the perpetuation of global neoliberal imperialism. People are being murdered and imprisoned every day to maintain this system. For everyone it benefits, 10000 others suffer.

You can ban me if you want r/@ mods, I don't care any more.



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zoom_zip wrote

Sorry, but anarchism is a system of governance.

…the fuck?


zoom_zip wrote

don’t you realise that by not supporting taxes you are automatically advocating for all disabled people to be murdered en masse?

no. there is no alternative. it’s taxes or death. choose one.


existential1 wrote

I know i said reddit bad yesterday, but (ibid). Anyways, if that's what has become of r/@ and raddle hasn't seen some influx in users, where are people who aren't like the op going to socialize in an anarchist web forum? Cuz clearly r/@ isnt that.


ziq OP wrote

i've been curious too, and have been looking at old r/@ posts to see what the users are doing now. some of the former ancoms are tankies now, but most are liberals who barely even go to political subs outside of the occasional post on r/politics about their local politicians and they mostly just talk about their hobbies


Esperaux wrote (edited )

This seems more like an honest miscommunication due to different usages of words. I'm assuming they're using the same reference to government that Malatesta uses being a hierarchical form of organization much like the state to be opposed. I believe the other person is referring to government loosely in terms of any form of organization.

Which in terms of of the whole needing to protect disabled people point I assume they mean a need for systems based around mutual aid and solidarity not necessarily a neoliberal welfare state. Though that could be me reaching.


zoom_zip wrote

this thread is full of ancaps and statists

glad i unsubbed