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arson attacks claimed in Athens:

• Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) in Koukaki

• 3rd Tax Office in the area of ​​Kypseli

• residence of the executive of the General Secretariat for the Coordination of Governmental Work of the SW, Stratos Mavroeidakou, in Ilion

• cop vehicle, in the area of ​​Petralona

• home of the retired lieutenant general of the Greek Police, Christos Kontaridis

• home of the Hellenic Police Brigadier General, Michalis Ladomenou

• home of Giannis Katsiamakas, president of the Panhellenic Federation of Athens Officers (POAXIA) and retired lieutenant general of the Hellenic Police, in Byron

• house and vehicle of Katerina Magga, Chief of the Patissia Police Department, in Ano Patisia

arson attacks claimed in Thessaloniki:

• offices of the Hellenic-American Union, in Vardaris

• vehicle of the Ministry of Labor, on Mitropoleos Street

• military residences opposite the NATO Headquarters, in the area of ​​Evzoni

• gate of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace

• home of cop Hatzi Ilias, in Sykies

• home of the president of the Union of Police Officers of Thessaloniki, Dimitrios Padiotis, in Sykies

• home of the retired Areopagite, former President of the Court of Appeals, Antonios Tsalaportas, in Charilaou

• home of the New Democracy politician, Aphrodite Latinopoulou, in Kamara

• vehicle of the Diplomatic Corps in the center of Thessaloniki

• home of the right-wing family of Lieutenant Colonel Georgios Paskonis, in Triandria

• home of the right-wing Nakos family, in Ano Poli

• home of the right-wing Kosmidis family, in Kato Toumpa

roughly translated excerpt from the communique:

"Comrades, we invite you to our side to strengthen the gaze that looks straight at the enemy. To collectively assume the political responsibility - and the historical burden behind it - that will exacerbate the military confrontation with any power. With organization at the grassroots and unity in practice, we fuel revolutionary dialogue through offensive propaganda, coordinate our forces and strengthen the struggle. Comrades in battle, we invite you to create new Cells of Immediate Action."



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