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gone_to_croatan wrote

About the prefiguration bit, I think this means for me being able to apply some of the anarchic conclusions in my daily life, more concrete in my relationships and it's dynamics. You are by far more theory conscious than me so probably you are in a more deeply quest for prefigurative anarchy.

I could be using this concept all wrong, but the first time I came with this was the foulcaltian biopolitics. For me relationships, friendships, parenting and pedagogy are the experimental ground for what I understand for prefiguration.


humanispherian OP wrote

I think you're right in your understanding of prefiguration. I'm just at a funny place in my understanding of anarchism. "Constructing Anarchisms" is, for me, all about putting what I think I know to the test, so that I can perhaps talk a bit more confidently on the other side about some of these practical issues. A number of these questions suddenly have, for me, all sorts of new wrinkles to smooth out.