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Kinshavo wrote

History of Anarchists Who Aligned with Expropriative Anarchism
Walter Delgatti Neto (2020)[Brazil] — The social engineer who exploited Telegram’s flaw to infiltrate and dump all data of Bolsonaro’s group chat.

I love when people write about things that they don't have a clue. This dude doesn't any political agenda whatsoever, besides his reactionary takes.


cretin OP wrote

Whole article is pretty basic but it's an okay jumping off point for further reading.

Had never heard of Walter Neto, so thanks for clarifying.


Kinshavo wrote (edited )

Is basic, but needed I just expected more effort in checking the stuff in a subject that I hold in high esteem.

And I say needed bc it is something that I don't see often, like practical discussion towards Illegalism as a political ideology and praxis, not the usual shoplifting that is only concerned in amass consumerist goods.

Thanks for the post! Is a good start for research.