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Vulgar_Soda wrote

why do you keep citing this? it reads like a blog post

Sad that people have been trained to only accept words from justified sources. You'll have to get your PhD in anarchology before anyone takes your writings seriously. Thanks, Chomsky.


zoom_zip wrote

i actually do have a phd in anarchology and i can confirm democracy is shit


metocin wrote

I love how much uncritical reddit nerds hate you, it says much more about them than you


cammie wrote (edited )

Fuuck mate, those one liners they throw around to dismiss the poor sods trying to inform them of their mistake.. it reeks of conceitedness.

These same people are presumably anti-capitalist, right, at least they haven't got that confused too?!! So then this seems like the second hurdle after passing beyond capitalist realism: 'democratic realism' where it is easier to imagine the end of capitalism than the end of democracy.

Ironically if something doesn't change, like if the mods of r/anarchism don't sticky a post to explain some common aspects of anarchy*, then the archists may become the majority there (if they haven't already), and they'll talk about their favourite forms of 'justified hierarchy' and democratically (via the downvote) coerce or exclude anyone who takes issue.

*This works doubly because the mods will be seen as authority figures and so their opinions may not be so easily dismissed as "blog post bullshit" by the archists.


cammie wrote

And then after the archists move in and are welcomed the discussion of actual anarchism will become so watered down that the anarchists who want to have a better discussion will have to go elsewhere, which now that i say all that is maybe why raddle exists.


ShadesPath wrote

Holy fuck, these people sound like they can't even breathe without being told to do so.