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Tequilx_Wolf wrote

I find it hard to imagine there being value in hosting anarchists in Southern Africa.

There are so few here, there would be no crowd for the visitors to engage. The level of need here makes a lot of the problems in the global north just seem silly in some respects, and generally the North/South hierarchy comes with visitors having a shitty understanding of this space, coming off like clueless tourists with nothing to offer. The language barrier would undermine the possibility of a lot of deep engagement.

Soundz of the South did an exchange with some South American anarchists (?) and they just seemed like they were on holiday here.

If people did come here, I think the way to make it work would be for the purpose of a specific project that helps them with a specific required skill set. Here I'm thinking about how Bellamy brought in a Japanese forest gardener to assist with setting up a project of theirs. I think that would be good.
But even that is really a very hugely privileged capacity here.

Which leads me to believe that in terms of the North/South divide, a lot of the time it's just preferable for the rich side to find groups they have affinity with and pump money to them so that they can make their own projects on their own terms.

But maybe I'm just not good at this stuff!