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ruin wrote

What’s your take on this? It’s caused somewhat of a stir with folks I know today.


lastfutures OP wrote

Haven't read it yet. I originally skipped it cause it's from IGD, but then I saw the anews comments were mostly positive which is strange for something on identity from IGD.


existential1 wrote (edited )

I put this squarely in the category of, "If you care about identity, this is probably a good article for you." I don't care enough about identity in the sense it is used here for myself other than to understand it well enough to understand how others may use it against me. The whole obsession with positionality, intersectionality, and the various other "ity-s" that apply is something I fundamentally don't care about because I generally don't care what other people think about me and I'm fully comfortable letting people come in and out of my life as my aims at the time dictate.

I feel like this is the sort of thing where if I were in a conversation with someone on the topic, I'd say something to the effect of, "You're probably right, but I don't care. Where should I plant this tree seed?" I'm not sure what the term is, but I long for a world where it isn't presupposed that I should think xyz because the US government makes me check the African-American/Black box when prompted. I find the notion that people should give ever-more space to information about identity-related things a little perplexing considering I personally would rather have no labels attached to myself whatsoever. But I also understand that's how I am, and others do strongly identify with labels of various types. This article is for them.

In the areas mentioned in the article, if you're someone who would be considered a member of a BIPOC community, you probably have some special sort of way the state has committee atrocities towards you. This is the story of one of them and how to be better about recognizes their experiences.