Submitted by ziq in Anarchism

The library now offers an offline HTML version of the library for your reading pleasure.

It's via a ZIM file, which allows the library to be downloaded in a small 180mb file and read offline.

You can download the ZIM file here: (Snapshot of library from April 2, 2021)

Once you download the file, you will need to open it using software like Kiwix:

You can read more about the ZIM file format here:

A shorter version of this announcement can be found on the library bookshelf mirrors list:



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ziq OP wrote

can't get kiwix to work on kde neon. is there another program that can open zims?


aaaaarg wrote

There's also the option of the torrent which isn't the most up to date but includes a variety of formats to open individually.


throwaway wrote (edited )

I got it installed just fine on Arch, it's neat and seems to be well maintained. Fucking wild that I can download the entire anarchist library in 180MB. What's next, gravity defying cars running on plastic?