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black_fox wrote

Reply to comment by Pash in Law and violence ≠ state by Pash

oh people should definitely defend themselves. i recommend this primer


Pash OP wrote (edited )

Self-defense from torts is normal mutual aid, and an important part of any community. Where I grew up, if you scream "thief!" half the neighborhood will rush over with machetes to check it out. Similar all over the world. Nothing to do with a state or cops.


black_fox wrote

groups wielding force is not mutual aid. there’s nothing “mutual” or “aiding” about harming someone who’s harmed someone.


Pash OP wrote

What's mutual aid then? Education and building wattle-and-daub?

What you're voicing is exactly the misconception I made the post to address. Mutual aid is absolutely about groups wielding force. The book Mutual Aid is largely about that, rather than about agriculture or childcare or anything.


black_fox wrote

mutual aid is when i beat my neighbor with a bat for stealing a chicken