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Hibiscus_Syrup wrote

I'd be interested to see some examples of that kind of prefiguration, it might be a fun thing to write against. If you happen to know any reference spots offhand, please let me know.


lautreamont wrote (edited )

The Commune in itself, as a paradigm, could stand as old and well-known example of prefiguration. Some people are attempting to "start it up" through non-radical ventures like urban "communes", potlatch, FnBs, some other types of activism, toward the realization of this Commune. The thing is that it always remains an imaginary community, never really something that broader masses of people pick up upon and further grow... but in a way I ain't sure I'd like to have all the normies to keep building the Commune, as it may turn into yet another form of capitalism.

Oh wait... that happened already. lol

So preconfiguration is closer to an ideal than an utopia. Where the utopia is always about something to fulfill in the here and now (even tho some are idealistic), where the ideal is something people follow and seek to reify, or at best lean to. "Leaning to" also means waiting, delaying, postponing due to some planning, as inherently it is sourced on a projected ideal to attain.