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ziq wrote (edited )

The new 'don't incite violence' rules have only been used to ban itty bitty subs that I've never heard of - all the big fashy subs like the_donald aren't getting touched.

The_donald has actually recruited countless white men into fascism and led to murders, beatings, etc. It's a big moneymaker for them so they won't touch it.

But you can bet they'll be using the rules to shut down big leftist subs, because there's no profit in keeping anti-capitalists around. We're not going to guild anything or buy reddit gold and we're savvy enough to block their ads.

They've already given r/anarchism multiple warnings for bullshit reasons, so I don't expect it to be around for much longer. I hope they at least link to us in a sticky before it's too late.


Defasher wrote

They did the same thing with lwse, suspended mods, warned us, made us comply with their hypocritical demands that none of the fash subs had forced on them, then banned the place anyway.