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watermelon wrote (edited )

But it's ironic since their inaction is just going to ensure they'll lose all control of the message when reddit's admins inevitably shut r/@ down. Then everyone will just see "this sub has been suspended for violating our rules by advocating violence" instead of a message crafted by anarchists. That message that can allow the sub to live on elsewhere, and make a righteous political statement about no-platforming fascism and rejecting liberal horseshoe bullshit.

If the community take a stand and close it down themselves, it'll forever remain a monument to freedom, and a giant fuck you to reddit for persecuting antifa.

They could even have the message call out the actual violent rhetoric ingrained in subs like r/neoliberalism and r/politics, where wealthy Americans normalize and glorify brutal imperialism and genocide for their gain.


zod wrote (edited )

The notice could also mention that using reddit is horrible security culture because it's proprietary and they cooperate with the feds giving them our private data.