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moonlune wrote (edited )

I agree with the critique of the red anarchist's "community", but friend is too strong of a word for me.

In my mind community is interchangeable with Circles: the people I chooses to associate with but who I am not close enough to be friends: Classmates, family, neighbors, friends of friends for example. They aren't my friends and they aren't my enemies, just multiple groups moving around and inside each other.

Circles changes at different times of days, and people jump from one to another, they flow. And no 2 person have the same circle.


bloodrose wrote

friend is too strong of a word for me

I find this interesting. People have very different ideas of how close one need be to be called "friend". I remember working at a civil engineering firm and a customer was disputing a charge and called my boss "friend" and my boss lost his shit over that. The customer clearly meant a kindness but the boss was so enraged over the lack of formality. We didn't get paid and that guy didn't get his engineering done.


moonlune wrote

Yeah I think it's also due to language and geography. Were I come from it takes 10 years to make friends, but they "last a lifetime". My mom, who's a stranger, took a long time to adapt. She believes this culture was created because of the many wars our region has been through, particularly WWII, which made people suspicious of each other.