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dennisfrancisblewett wrote (edited )

I read a little of the article and stopped. I find "black anarchism" segregatory. It antithetical to anarchist philosophy. You don't need sects of anarchist thought: It is just the man generating a divide amongst fellow anarchists.

  • Dennis Francis Blewett

_caspar_ wrote

rather than finding blackness antithetical, I find it crucial to anarchist philosophy going forward. folks like Saidiya Hartman and Fred Moten get that black life, being against and/or avoidant of dominant white social and political governance, is at its core anarchic. unfortunately much of black study has been taken advantage of and mined by Marxists and other collectivist ideologies (through politics and ressentiment) for decades with intriguing yet stultifying results at its best, authoritarian regimes at its worst.

this is where something like Anarkata falls similarly into undesirable trends, failing to shed its Marxist (and in worst cases Maoist) tendencies: "We find Black Anarchism as a political tendency particularly attractive because of its flexibility— how it draws from a number of revolutionary frameworks—Black Marxism, Maoism, Pan Afrikanism, Black feminism, Queer liberation" Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas - Anarkata: A Statement their statement results in more of the same watered-down calls typical of collectivist-dominant anarchism today such as direct democracy and labor organization.

similar to the afro-futurism it promotes, it yearns for its part in the grand stage play of His-story, for its turn at wheel in a mass-societal dynamics spawning whiteness to begin with: "to envision a future where Black people no longer live on the periphery of society. Black people are just as much a part of our worldly story as any other race would be." but what if Hartman and Moten are right in that the periphery is where to go, where to be with others, where its really at? what if the worldly story is His-story, best to be avoided and uncaptured by?


celebratedrecluse wrote

You don't need sects of anarchist thought

serious question, why even be anarchist if you want political unity?