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black_fox wrote (edited )

the meeting in this article makes my union meetings sound like Disneyland


nbdy OP wrote

Is this a familiar experience for people?


Quicksilver wrote

Honestly, I find this quite comforting.


MHC wrote

Anarchists are urbanites seeking escapist entertainment!


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I have a few thoughts on this.

There are loads of different kinds of meetings. For me, I'm usually limited to meetings with affinity groups, where we're all basically on the same page and what we're doing is spontaneously combining our powers to make things that are better than what any of us could do alone. Those meetings are speedy and fluid.

Here, some indigenous groups will meet for hours and hours and listen and participate in the process. And they won't be bored. The culture exists for people to take seriously the way that they decide their lives.

But yeah, if you're a 'regular' person in a big meeting with people you aren't in affinity with, those meetings can get long, boring, and frustrating. And that's one way that anarchism does exist also.


d4rk wrote (edited )

Finally someone who gets me. First Bas, then this. Yup the Left Conservative Hyperstition train is in full roll