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zoom_zip OP wrote

Reply to comment by Red_Ed in landlords are parasites by zoom_zip

windows :(

thanks for the suggestions though. i'll figure something out.


southerntofu wrote

windows :(

You may consider using a free, not-for-profit operating system like Debian or a Tails USB stick. Struggling for self-organized free-software development is interesting in itself, but if you're posting to anarchist forums (which may be a criminal offense depending on where you reside) you may be more confident using free, privacy-friendly tools.

Notably, you may have heard of the Tor Browser which enables to conceal your location from the websites you connect to, and to conceal from your ISP which websites you connect to. While it's not entirely foolproof (a nationwide attacker may still try to disanonymize you, though that will be costly), it may help to protect you from daily concerns of surveillance and other security issues.

Tor Browser is bundle within the Tails system (intended to be setup on a USB stick), but if you really want to stay on Windows to publish (i would never recommend this to anyone, but the choice is up to you), then using Tor Browser on Windows is an option, so your personal IP address will not appears in the server logs.

Let me know if you need any help to setup any of that. There may also be Linux User Groups, or other free-software/community-networks/privacy-workshops collectives in your neighborhood. Don't hesitate to get in touch with those, you may meet interesting persons including quite a few fellow anarchists.


zoom_zip OP wrote

thanks. switched over to tor. will look into setting up a tails stick.

anarchist views are not illegal where i am, but i wouldn't be surprised if they were in the future.


ziq wrote (edited )

If you install Gimp, you can reduce image size easily by going to image > mode > indexed > Generate optimum palette - and entering in e.g. 128 or 256.

I do it for all the backgrounds on raddle.

Also be sure to scale the images to something close to 1920 × 1080 pixels if they're bigger than that. (Image > Scale Image)