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lautreamont wrote

No thanks I'll stick to South Korean radical cinema.


_caspar_ wrote

do you have examples?


lautreamont wrote (edited )

Who doesn't know Bong Joon-ho's films by now? :-)

But there's the lesser "blockbuster" and more abstract films by Lee Chang Dong (I saw Burning recently and it was so thought-provoking!) and Park Chan-Wook. There's the great bio Anarchist from Colony, made by Lee Joon-ik about the nihilist anti-colonial insurgents Park Yeol and Fumiko Haneko.

Most of this cinema has heavy subtext with social critique of gentrification, class struggle, isolation, tech development, commodification, urbanization... yet they brilliantly keep it implicit and ultra-realistic (for the exception of Joon-ho who's always plays with a level of surrealism). I haven't seen such hard-hitting yet intelligent cinema in decades.

There's so much to say that some of these films deserve their own thread here. Something I'm tempted to do...


_caspar_ wrote (edited )

just curious what films you were into.

I thought Memories of Murder was decent for a detective thriller. wasnt too impressed with their others, including the lauded Parasite. even less impressive is Chan-wook. Chang-dong's films are far more engaging and provocative to me, and I enjoyed Burning as well. Peppermint Candy is worth a watch. I thought Anarchist from Colony was a bit silly, but am very captivated by Fumiko's story.

a couple of the better Korean films Ive seen lately that you might like are the surreal The Wailing (2016) and Glass Garden (2017). can likely find them here.