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BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

'federationist’ anarchism doesn't have a long, cherished history, though; it's literally just some mish-mash of already existing ideas.

From the article I was under the assumption it was just a reiteration of the same ideological stance that organizations like the FAI and many other early anarchist organization.

There's literally no reason for why it can't. If there was one, you've yet to provide it.

Because it can’t adequately disprove any points made by the essay which is being targeted for point-by-point “commentary”. Nor can it propose any sort of counter-position which would be necessary to create constructive discourse.

So what? The idea that a critique has no worth because it doesn't reach some arbitrary standard of length is too narrow-minded to take seriously.

It isn’t about arbitrary length, obviously. It’s about having enough worthwhile content to make the discourse meaningful or useful at all. This twitter thread is literally a waste of time to read, for anybody, it’s useless, it’s noise in the void.