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celebratedrecluse wrote

If this is accurate, then it is all the more disturbing, because it is referring to 150 households not individuals.

Therefore, these "fundamental units of society" are supposed to be scientifically designed to be just bigger than the average person can manage to maintain functional relationships with. therefore by its own supposition, the basic unit of the decision making process is designed to reaffirm majoritarian logic by lumping together groups of people who have met, but don't really know each other. Thus resulting in voting, and factionalism, on the micro scale to the macro.

Fight or flight indeed. I can't imagine this can be seriously presented as an anarchist framework or discourse.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

That's not even getting into how this would even be enforced.

Like, yeah, they've demonstrated that they want anarcho-laws, anarcho-courts, and anarcho-cops; they'd also have to have some form of population/migrant control in mind, otherwise there'd be no point in bringing it up.

They'd need some sort of...line or something to determine what is and what isn't their territory. Something that they could expand should whatever means of population control they employ fail. They'd also need a name to call this territory...maybe a common culture to unite this population.

If only I had the words for what they'd want!